Unsere Vision, Mission und Werte

There is no way around us!

  • We set standards with competence and commitment.
  • We assume responsibility with regard to environmental protection for all our
    products, services and other business activities.
  • We are proud of our company, our success and our image.
  • We are an attractive employer.

We are the system provider for professional transport and packaging solutions.

  • Our customers, employees and the environment are at the center of everything we do. For them
    we manufacture high-quality products flexibly, quickly and economically.
  • In order to secure competitive advantages for our customers, we work together in partnership with
    customers and suppliers. On this basis, we also master major challenges together.
  • Our aim is to achieve higher performance in the areas of development, quality, logistics, service and safety.
    is our claim.
  • We are a competent and sympathetic family business, which maintains a
    partnership with customers, suppliers, employees and public interest groups.
    interest groups.
  • We are actively committed to environmental protection and have made it our goal to
    environmental impact resulting from our business activities as low as possible, or to
    or to avoid them altogether.

Success, quality and environmental awareness need clear values that guide everyone. We live these values – day after day.

  • Honesty is our basis.
    It is the basis within the workforce and vis-à-vis all the partnerships of our
    company and thus an essential pillar of our success to date.
  • Respect shapes our actions.
    We respect and value the individual on the basis of his or her experience, skills and knowledge.
    knowledge. At the same time, we accept that not all people are the same.
  • As a team we are strong
    Our family approach makes the difference. When we share our skills, knowledge
    knowledge or experience, we are a team. This diversity gives us strength.
  • Quality is our future.
    We possess a high level of development know-how and offer our customers technically
    products that impress with their reliability, economy, durability, high functionality and excellent
    high functionality and excellent workmanship.
  • Environment is the guiding principle of our actions.
    We promote open dialog on environmental protection issues and strive to raise and strengthen the environmental awareness of our employees, suppliers and customers.
    environmental awareness of our employees, suppliers and customers.
  • We offer reliability.
    Particularly in turbulent and uncertain times, we would like to offer our employees and business partners
    security and stability. In doing so, we are always aware of the importance
    of our sustainable actions and the fulfillment of our binding commitments.
  • Our incentive is improvement.
    Through the commitment of our employees and the provision of the necessary framework conditions
    we are continuously working to improve our management system and its
    performance for our customers and our business environment.
  • We live up to our binding obligations.
    We are aware of the legal, regulatory and social requirements relevant to our company.
    requirements relevant to our company. We analyze and evaluate compliance with them at regular
    and, if necessary, take the necessary measures.
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