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We manufacture versatile and individual products from EPP, EPE, ETPU and PU/PUR. Our location in Nordhausen is specialized in the development, manufacturing of the tools and finally the production of the products from these versatile materials.
We develop and design for you.
We build the tools for you.
We manufacture the products for you.

It has always been characteristic of Paul Müller to tailor individual, economical and safe load carriers for its customers. In addition to the classic variants made of steel, we offer our customers safe and advanced combinations of steel and plastic as well as combinations of different plastics or individual products made of one type of plastic.

EPP - Expanded polypropylene

EPP is a true problem solver for the most demanding challenges in material properties, design and the realizability of ideas.

Properties like no other material

Almost no other material is as versatile as EPP. For this reason, products made of EPP are used for a wide variety of applications in a wide variety of areas. Convince yourself!

  • Ultralight! The foam consists of 96% air.
  • Protection! Super cushioning due to high energy absorption.
  • Unbreakable! Very high resilience.
  • Isolating! Top isolation properties.
  • Shape flexible! Free shaping design.
  • Sustainable! Due to the properties and 100% recyclable.

Our claim is to offer you efficient product solutions. To meet this claim, we have doubled our production capacity for foamed products in recent years. Due to our wide range of services we are able to consider your individual requirements at any time and to incorporate them into the current production. Our mirror welding machine also allows us to manufacture containers in larger dimensions. All together this results in high-quality end products from a single source – from precise planning to flexible and fast production.

96% Air

100% recyclable

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