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Products made of

Polyurethan (PU/PUR)

We manufacture versatile and individual products from EPP, EPE, ETPU, and PU/PUR. Our location in Nordhausen is specialized in the development, manufacturing of the tools and finally the production of the products from these versatile materials.
We develop and design for you.
We build the tools for you.
We manufacture the products for you.

The material

Extremely versatile material - particularly variable in hardness properties

Extremely abrasion resistant - elastic to hard

Polyurethane is a proven construction material for many applications:

Extremely wear-resistant

  • Good damping values
  • Very high mechanical strength
  • Particularly high impact strength
  • Resistant to oils and greases
  • Very good weather resistance
  • Very good resistance to low temperatures
  • Low permanent deformation

With the wide range of PU Shore hardnesses from relatively soft (35° Shore A) to very hard (60° Shore D), we can offer and implement the right solution for almost all areas of application for molded strips and parts. Our range also covers automated applications with high precision requirements as well as customer-specific special solutions. Depending on requirements, the variety of molded parts ranges from individual PU parts and compact molded parts to encased steel or plastic parts.

° Shore A



PU-Shore Härten


° Shore D

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