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We take responsibility when it comes to our environment. That is why we have aligned our production with a sustainable concept. We make our contribution to the environment with various measures. We conserve resources by generating our energy from renewable raw materials. In addition, we avoid waste, recover recyclable materials and close our material cycles wherever possible.

We also ensure that our products are professionally recycled and thus made usable again. This is another way in which Paul Müller is giving transport logistics further inspiration for the future.

Our Environmental Principles

… aim to counteract global challenges such as climate change, deforestation, desertification, water shortages, atmospheric pollution and species extinction. For this reason, we are guided by the following principles in our actions:

  • We regard the protection of the environment and the economical use of natural resources as our social obligation.
  • We comply with the relevant laws, regulations and requirements relating to environmental protection.
  • In addition, we set our own goals for the protection of the environment, which we continuously put into practice.
  • We keep waste, waste water, emissions and noise to a minimum or avoid them altogether.
  • We promote environmental awareness among our employees.
  • All new investments and new processes are assessed from the point of view of environmental protection and conservation of resources.
  • In order to live up to our environmental principles, we regularly analyze the environmental aspects associated with our business activities and, if necessary, derive measures from this to reduce or completely avoid the environmental impacts we cause.

All this is guaranteed by our certification according to DIN ISO EN 14001.

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